Prep Checklist



Please review the following

items to ensure that your

quilt is ready to be

machine quilted.

This will prevent any unwanted fees!!


  • Backing and batting are at least 4” larger than quilt top on ALL 4 sides.
  • Top is pressed flat (no puckering or extra fullness in borders)
  • Both the top and the backing are squared up on the ends.
  • Layers are separate. Please do not baste or pin the quilt layers together as they are loaded onto the machine separately.
  • All loose threads are trimmed from the front and the back.
  • If the backing is seamed together, please remove the selvage.
  • Mark top of quilt if you have a directional preference.
  • Please do not attach the binding until after it is quilted.
  • No embellishments are on the quilt (ex: buttons, etc)